Pilgrim Prayers

I am writing this post just a few hours before I head to catch my overnight flight to Italy. As you are reading though, I am already walking somewhere in Italy. It is the fifth day of my journey on the Via Francigena, and if everything goes according to plan, today I will walk 18 … Continue reading Pilgrim Prayers

River Rain

What do you do, where do you go, when you need to rest and reset? June is a full month for us over here. I leave in 10 days for 10 days (more about that in next week’s post) and as soon as I get back, Nick leaves for a few days. A few months … Continue reading River Rain

Scroll Fast

This year for Lent, I gave up social media. No Facebook. No Instagram. (Those are really the only social media apps I use…or so I thought.) I committed to a forty day fast because I was suspicious that I had become dependent upon them. I felt a gentle nudge from God to take a break … Continue reading Scroll Fast