A List of Life Savers

4 thoughts on “A List of Life Savers”

  1. H! Yes, a long list: My Faith, my life, memories, my mind, humor, gratitude, lobster YUM, cooler weather, Ginger’s ANTICS, gratitude, appreciation, curiosity, sleep. I must comment on the “bluest” sky I had the privilege to see while in Lithuania, obviously, no pollution. Last but not least, my family! Much love, Mimi xoxoxxo

    On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 1:17 PM lamplight stories wrote:

    > lamplightstories posted: “Today’s post is brought to by my “What’s Saving > My Life” series because it is rainy and dreary and I’m still in recovery > mode from a very full season. In times like this it is helpful for me to > look up and around and notice the things that are bringing me” >

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